• (max. 14 students to 2 teachers)

  • Monday through Friday l 9:30am-12:30pm l $280/mo.

  • This class is designed for older 4 - year old children and 5-year old children whose birthday is just following the September 30 cut-off for kindergarten or for those whose parents feel they need a little more time in preschool before starting the rigors of kindergarten.

Class Room Program

Our Older 4/5-year old program is a 5-day program that provides a creative, supportive, and nurturing learning environment for children 4 and 5 years old who are age eligible for Kindergarten but who need a little more time and for those whose birthdays are just beyond the kindergarten cut-off date.

Our Older 4/5-year old program includes activities encouraging creativity, exploration and discovery in a developmentally appropriate learning environment. We place a strong emphasis on developing independence, self-concept, language/literacy readiness, critical thinking along with fine and gross motor development. All of our Older 4/5-year olds will continue to participate in Open Center Time.  We believe children develop social and emotional competency when they are allowed to explore and experience in-depth mastery of skills and social situations in a supportive, small classroom setting. Problem solving, planning, negotiating and experimentation are strategies that further contribute to the classroom experience. Our outdoor games and playground activity offer opportunities for physical growth, development of large muscle coordination, and more complex social negotiation. This classroom provides a stimulating environment filled with learning experiences that hold true to our teaching philosophy --- a child learns best through developmentally appropriate, age-appropriate play. The Older 4/5-year old program offers children an extra year of social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in a classroom with a low teacher / student ratio (2 teachers: 12 students) which, in turn, helps prepare them to successfully meet the challenges and rigors of kindergarten.

This class will receive additional Music and Art Class instruction as well as attend in Chapel weekly with their classmates.  Playground time will be an important component of their day and all students will have opportunities to participate in field trips, both at the preschool and off-site.