• (max. 12 students to 2 teachers)

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday l 9:30am-12:30pm l $230/mo.


  • (max. 13 students to 2 teachers)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday l 9:30am-12:30pm l $230/mo.

Class Room Program

Generally, 3-year olds are curious learners, but still very cautious. Sometimes it takes a while before a 3-year-old sees himself as a member of a group. Three-year-olds love to touch everything around them and delight in praise. All concepts and ideas are presented with deliberate, repetitive instruction with lots of visual cues. We offer the children many and varied experiences using all five senses. We bring books, manipulatives, cooking experiences, puzzles, and other items relevant to their particular interests into the classroom for exploration.

At the beginning of the year, we have an "All About Me" unit to stress the things each child has in common along with the characteristics that differentiate one from another; celebrating each child’s uniqueness. As the school year progresses, the duration of Large Group Time and Open Center Time increases. More responsibility is asked of the children, such as cleaning up after themselves and learning how to properly use materials.  “Handwriting Without Tears”, our writing readiness program, is introduced at the most fundamental level, with an emphasis on body movement, music, and many hands-on, multisensory activities. 

This class will receive additional Music and Art Class instruction as well as attend in Chapel weekly with their classmates.  Playground time will be an important component of their day and all students will have opportunities to participate in field trips, both at the preschool and off-site.